Artists Work

"Kyoto" - Accord Group - Charles Jones

Charles Jones – Accord Group Kyoto


"Nervous System IX: Caldera"

Christopher Willingham – Nervous System IX – Caldera



"Sirius the Dog star"  "Big Bang Theory"

Gary Hallgren – Big Bang Theory


"Ressurectables/Frida Search/Trophy City" - Torsten Zenas Burns, Frida, Kari Gatzke

Torsten Zenas Burns & Kari Gatzke & Frida

Ressurectables/Frida Search/ Trophy City


Potential of Absence

Ruth Kristoff – Potential of Absence


Karen Dolmanisth - Tree Instrument of the Upper Lower Song - "Light of Dark Composition I"

Karen Dolmanisth – Tree Instrument of the Upper Lower Song

Light of Dark Composition I


 Auriga - Ben Banville

Ben Banville – Auriga – for Tamara Deuel


Nancy Sacks

Nancy Sachs – Clay Series

Mo Ringy

Mo Ringey



Valerie – In Memory


Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson – Installation


front, PULP

Chris Blair – Sound & Video Installation


parson hall window

Dwight & Race Street


Parsons Hall Project-projection

Torsten Zenas Burns – Outside Video Projection


A. detail

Amy Johnquest – Aliens Came and Fucked the Monkey


Amy detail

Johnquest – detail


Bruce Fowler detail

Bruce Fowler – Daddy’s Accessory #2

Bruce Fowler

Bruce Fowler – Daddy’s Accessory #2



B & D detail

Bruce Fowler & Dan Warner – Portal – Video Projection


B & D detail 2

Portal – detail



B & D detail 3

Portal – detail


C.W. detail

Caldera – detail


K. detail

Light & Dark – detail


K. detail 2

Light & Dark – detail


K. detail 3

Light & Dark – detail


C. detail

Kyoto – detail


C. detail 2

Kyoto – detail


Dog detail

Sirius the Dog Star – detail



Opening Reception


building art

Building Art

Torsten Burns from Parsons Hall project and Bruce Fowler from Paper City Studios

Torsten Zenas Burns – Bruce Fowler



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