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Two Concurrent Exhibits at

Paper City Project Space, 80 Race St., Holyoke MA (413. 330.4505)

Gallery Hours: Saturday & Sunday 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. or by appointment

June 19 through July 31

Artists’ Reception: June 19, 5 – 8 PM

“Pioneer Women in Wonderland”

Pioneer Women art exhibition returns to the Pioneer Valley from its successful run at Tabla Rasa Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (Spring ‘09), and will be joined by Wonderland. These concurrent exhibits, both curated by Amherst artist Terry Rooney, will take over the entire Paper City Studios (PCS80), including its recently renovated Storefront Project Space.

Pioneer Women, which will be expanded and enhanced, with new work and 2 new artists(Sally Curcio & Sandy Litchfield), maintains its focus on artwork that blazes new frontiers. A few notable examples: Sculptor Rosalyn Driscoll encourages viewers to explore the tactile surfaces of her pieces; Deborah Kruger presents samples of her special formula using encaustic and fabric to create her fabric-feathered constructions; and Liz Chalfin, who established one of the only independent, green-print studios in the Northeast, will exhibit selected pieces. Several of the painters in Pioneer Women (Rachel Folsom, Elizabeth Pols and Terry Rooney) created three-dimensional constructions, pushing the borders of conventional paintings.

Wonderland will create a dreamscape that features sleeping beauties, flying houses, cloud dresses and steel angels, intended to transport art appreciators to a magical place and time, in the upper galleries at Paper City Studios. Featured artists include Audrey Anastasi and Alfonso Munoz from New York City and Berkshire artists Gabrielle Senza and Lisa Yetz Griffith . The remaining Wonderland artists hail from the Pioneer Valley, including Chris Nelson, Jimmy Rhea, Gregory Stone and the debut of radio personality Bill Dwight, who will present his iPod photos of local scenery and friends.

Special Performance by Karen Dolmanisth July 31st

Opening Night

Curator – Terry Rooney

Artist – Karen Dolmanisth

4th floor project space

4th floor project space

4th floor project space

3rd floor reception space

1st floor gallery


Artists Work

Karen Dolmanisth

Karen Dolmanisth

Rosalyn Driscoll

James Rhea

Cynthia Consentino

Sandy Litchfield

More Artists will added soon

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