PCS80 Gallery – Show and Rental Information


If you would like to rent our gallery please contact us for rental fees.

We charge 30% of any sales of artwork.

If you curate your own show: You will incur the expense for the reception, closing, or other events you create during the show dates. You will do all clean up (a dumpster is provided for this) you leave the gallery in the same condition which you found it. Payment can be made at time of installation.

Note that the gallery does not carry insurance for any of your artwork – so you will need to cover it yourself if this is a concern. PCS80 Gallery accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or liability of artwork during your show. You are also responsible for any accompaniment included with your event (DJ’s, performance, etc) and gallery sitting. Please let us know what you have planned.

You are responsible to do your own marketing, show card, press releases, etc. We can send the show announcement to our Mail Chimp list (400-500 people) if you provide us with a JPG of the card announcement.

If you would like assistance with curation and/or hanging your work, Bruce can offer his expertise as preparator. Please inquire.

We have pedestals available and Bruce can be a resource about certain details of hanging your work in our gallery – (what types of hardware to use on our brick wall, etc).











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