“Maverick Mechanisms”

Paper City Studios Announces our

Spring Installation Event and Open Studios

May 7, 8, and 9


Paper City Studios, at 80 Race St in downtown Holyoke, announces it’s 4th open studios and installation event called, “Maverick Mechanisms.”  Our group theme show will be part of an open studios event that takes place this year on Friday, May 7, Saturday, May 8 and Sunday, May 9, 2010. This exhibit will feature artists who work in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video/performance and installation art.  We hope that these events will initiate an on-going celebration of the bountiful art community that can be found in the Canal district of Holyoke.


Place: PAPER CITY STUDIOS (MapQuest – 80 Race St, Holyoke, MA, 01040)

Dates and Times:

Fri,  May 7 Opening night reception, open studios and installation exhibit – 6 to 9 p.m.

Sat,  May 8 Open studios and installation exhibit – 12noon to 5p.m.

May 8 1pm Tour “80 Race” – Artist Taiga Ermansons leads a tour of the building itself as an object of industrial mechanism and poetry. Meet at front entrance.

Sun, May 9 Open studios and installation exhibit – 12noon to 5p.m.


Bruce Fowler, ph 413 563 9750

Dean Nimmer, ph 413 533 4883

Paper City Blog:

Parsons Hall Project Space:

Artists Showing

Kshama Ananthapura, Ben Banville, Neil Broome, Caleb Colon, Courtney Cullen, Robert David, Jeff Derose,

Michelle Dickson, Karen Dolmanisth, Taiga Ermansons, Bruce Fowler, Unique Frederique, Kari Gatzke,

Gary Hallgren, Julian Halpern, Phil Hamm, Robin Keller, Katherine Kendall, Karen Langlie, Ray Majerski,

Mike Martindell, George May, Rebecca Migdal, Tom Morton, Adam Mulcahy, Chris Nelson, Dean Nimmer

Christy Patrick, Samuel Rowlett, Chad Seelig, Nancy Howard Smith, Chris Lamb Toubeau, Christopher Willingham

Artists Work

Bernard Banville


Bernard Banville


Chad Seelig


Michelle Dickson


Courtney Cullen


Bruce Fowler


Julian Halpern


Samuel Rowlett


detail Rowlett


Samuel Rowlett



Tom Morton


detail Morton


Adam Mulcahy


Michael Martindell


detail Martindell


Karen Dolmanisth


Christy Patrick


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