OCTOBER 10TH / 11TH / 12TH 2008

80 Race St. Studios Announces our First Annual Open Studios and Installation Art Event!

Columbus Weekend – October 10, 11 and 12

The artist’s building at 80 Race St in downtown Holyoke was founded about one-year ago by the building’s owners, Bruce Fowler and Nancy Sachs. This first open studios event will feature both in-house artists and invited guest artists who specialize in sculpture and installation art. Still in its reconstruction phases, 80 Race St. has working studios for painting, photography, fashion design and printmaking that are going strong. This historic building is also fertile ground for sculpture and installation works that take advantage of the nooks and crannies to be found throughout this mysterious labyrinth of curious spaces. The Race St. Open Studios event will be held in conjunction with events at the Parsons Hall Project Space in the building next door, (., corner of Dwight and Race streets), that features artists working in painting, sculpture, film, video and dance performance art. We hope that this event will initiate an on-going celebration of the bountiful art community that can be found in the Canal district of Holyoke.

The following is a schedule of days and times of the open studios events for both 80 Race St and the Parsons Hall Project Space exhibits:

Place:80 Race St. in downtown Holyoke (Mapquest 80 Race St, Holyoke, MA, 01040)

Dates andTimes:

Fri, Oct 10 – Opening night reception, open studios and installation exhibit – 6 to 9 p.m.

Sat, Oct 11 – Open studios and installation exhibit – 12noon to 5p.m.

Sun, Oct 12 – Open studios and installation exhibit – 12noon to 5p.m.

Place:Parsons Hall Project Space (Mapquest 362 Dwight St, Holyoke, MA, 01040)

Dates andTimes:

Fri, Oct 10 – Opening night reception, open studios and installation exhibit – 6 to 9 p.m.

Sat, Oct 11 – Food Art Sculptural Performance Event, 4 to 6p.m. and dance performance and video screenings 7:30 to 10:30p.m.

Sun, Oct 12 – Open studios and installation exhibit – 12noon to 5p.m.

Participating artists at 80 Race St:

Guest artists- site specific installation /sculpture-

Ben Banville, sculpture/installation

Mary Crawford, sculpture/installation

Karen Dolmanisth, sculpture/installation Georgia May, photography

Mo Ringey, sculpture/installation

Bruce Fowler, sculpture, video installation

Tom Morton, video installation

Taiga Ermansons, sculpture/installation

Bruce Fowler, sculpture/installation

Unique Fredrique, unknown artistic direction

Bill Myers, sculpture/installation

Chris Nelson, sculpture/installation

Dan Warner, installation/video/soundChristopher Willingham, painter /installation

Studio artists at 80 Race St.-

Neil Broom,collage, painting

Kim Faler, installation

Rebecca Migdal, multimedia

Mia Nacamulli, installation

Dean Nimmer, painting, drawing, printmaking

Kim Rosner, clothing design

Participating artists at the Parsons Hall Project Space

Torsten Zenas Burns

Christian Burns

Kari Gatzke


For more information contact:

Bruce Fowler,

Dean Nimmer,

Torsten Zenas Burns,

Opening Night


80 Race Street

George May, photographer

George May’s Studio

George May, studio

George’s Studio

Neil Broom, studio

Neil Broome’s Studio

Rebecca Migdal

Rebecca Migdal’s Studio

fashion designer, Kim Rosner

Kim Rosner’s Studio

fourth floor

Christopher Willingham – Nervous System VII

Dan Warner, video projection

Dan Warner – Video Projection

Ben, installation

Ben Banville – Installation

Ben, detail

Banville – detail

Christopher Willingham, installation

Willingham – detail

Christopher Willingham, detail

Willingham – detail

Mia, installation

Mia Nacamulli – Installation

Mia, installation

Mia – detail

Mary Crawford, installation

Mary Crawford – Installation

Karen, installation

Karen Dolmanisth – Installation

Bruce Fowler and Tom Morton, video installation

Bruce Fowler & Tom Morton – The Last Supper – Video Projection

80racest 171

Bruce Fowler – Daddy’s Accessory #1


Fowler – detail

Window Race and Dwight

Kari from Parsons Hall project

Kari Gatzke and Michael O’Malley

pizza oven at night

Pizza Oven Installation

construction of oven ( Parsons Hall project)

Anthony Discenza and Michael O’Malley: Building Pizza Oven

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